How to start an online business with zero investment

Ideas are easy. Execution is hard. This book is the ideal checklist for anyone who is serious about starting an online business

Contains 100 crucial insider tips!


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About the author

Robert Sabelstrom - Online business expert

Robert Sabelstrom has more than ten year experience in successful online business startups, both as an entrepreneur, consultant and investor. In this book he summarizes the learnings he got from creating online businesses from scratch.

“During this process I have made tons of mistakes. My intention here is to help you avoid making all these mistakes, saving plenty of time and money.”

In this practical guide, the author shares personal lessons learned, such as how he:

  • Cut his Google AdWords budget by 50%, but still reaching higher profits
  • Lost >$5000 in worthless clicks, before he discovered the pitfalls of Google Display Ads
  • Grew revenues by 300% in less then a year, by applying a new scalable landing page structure
  • Reached Google top 10 organic search for all his strategic  key words
  • Then lost 30% of the Google traffic in one day, and how this could have been avoided
  • Used testimonials and enriched content to improve conversion rates, and hence profits by >25%
  • Reached 15 000 likes on Facebook, and used that to drive sales and customer satisfaction
  • Was able to automize  and outsource 80% of all administration
  • Discovered a way to find, start and evaluate new online business concepts in less than 3 weeks


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What's inside?

HOT TRAFFIC is a 145 page E-book that'll teach you how to:

  • Find and evaluate Online Business opportunities
  • Drive profitable traffic to your website
    (via SEM, SEO, Social Media and other sources)
  • Make your website sell ("convert") more
  • Build a loyal customer base that "sells" for you
  • Minimize costs and effort to run the business
  • Grow your business into new dimensions

All that packed into 100 practical, actionable, fully tested tips that will lead you to succeed with your online business!